FAQ: Troubleshooting MicroBase Pro to MicroVib II Communication




1. MicroBase Pro won't connect to my MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer - what should I check?

If you cannot connect to the your MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer, use the following checklist:

  • Configure Serial Port: Your computer must be equipped with a working, available RS-232 Serial Port. To determine if your computer contains the necessary serial port, open Windows Device Manager, and view the category Ports (COM and LPT). Note what serial port numbers are shown in the format COMX where X is an integer 1-9.

  • No RS-232 Port Available: If your computer is not equipped with an available RS-232 Serial Port,  you may be able to add one. See the Add An RS-232 Serial Port FAQ for instructions on adding an RS-232 Serial Port.

  • Configure MicroBase Pro: Open MicroBase Professional, then click  Options - Connect Settings and enter your RS-232 Port Number that you determined above.

  • Hook Up MicroVib II: Make sure you are using the correct cable to connect your MicroVib II your PC. You should use the 1311 Serial Cable to connect directly from the large metal connector on your MicroVib II to the RS-232 Serial Port on your PC. If your PC has multiple RS-232 Serial Ports, make sure you are connected to the port that you selected in paragraph 1.C above.

  • Enable MicroVib II Communication: If your MicroVib II has recently been used with a DSS Signal Mux, turn the MicroVib II Off and then back On before trying to connect with MicroBase Pro.

  • Idle State: Press the MODE menu item to place the MicroVib II into an idle state before trying to connect.


2. Why Do I See RX Errors When I try  To Upload Files To The MicroVib II?

If you are seeing RX Errors when you try to upload file to your MicroVib II, use the following checklist:

  • MV2 Mode Menu: Make sure you have selected the MicroVib II Mode Menu item before connecting to MicroBase Pro.

  • Filename: Make sure the file you attempting to upload to the MicroVib II conforms to the 8.3 filename convention and contains no spaces or illegal characters in the filename.

  • Update MicroBase Pro: Update your MicroBase Pro to the latest version and retry uploading your file to the MicroVib II.

  • TX Delay: In some cases you can adjust the Tx Delay parameter (Options - Connect Settings - Tx Delay) to obtain better performance if you are using a USB to RS-232 Adapter. The default value is 1000us. Try values from 800 to 1500us in increments of 100.

  • RS-232 Adapter: If you are using a USB to RS-232 adapter make sure you are using a unit that has been successfully tested by DSS. See the faq here.

  • Hardware RS-232 Card: With some computers which are not equipped with a native RS-232 Serial Port, you may have to try a hardware solution such as adding an RS-232 Serial Port on a PCI card or trying a different computer. See sections 6 and 7 here for information on adding a hardware RS-232 Serial Port card.


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