FAQ: Troubleshooting MicroBase Pro Database Issues




1. Why Can't I View My MicroBase Pro Data?

If  your MicroBase Pro installation contained a valid database at some point in the past and it now indicates that you need to create a new database, the following scenario may have taken place:

  • You are running and old version of MicroBase Pro (v2.0x) under Windows Vista (or later version of Windows).
  • The Windows Vista security workaround was not installed (or was not installed correctly).
  • The currently logged Windows user is different than the one who originally initalized the database.

If all of the above items apply to your installation, then your database will not be visible and MicroBase Pro will ask if you want to create a new database. If you encounter this issue:

  • Do not re-install MicroBase Pro (this won't  help).
  • Do not attempt to create a new database (this won't help).
  • Do not install the WinVista security workaround (it's too late for this).
  • Do not attempt to run MicroBase Pro as administrator (this won't help).

To correct this issue and get your old database back, perform the following steps:

  1. Shut down MicroBase Pro, then reboot your PC.
  2. Log on to Windows as the original user who initialized the MicroBase Pro database.
  3. Run MicroBase Pro. Your old data should now be visible.
  4. Shut down MicroBase Pro and run auto-update to update to the latest version of MicroBase Pro.
  5. After the update is complete, restart MicroBase Pro.
  6. Your database will now be available to MicroBase Pro with any Windows user login.

If  you would like assistance with the steps above, contact DSS to schedule a remote desktop session with a support technician.


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