FAQ: MicroBase Pro Raw Data File Problems


Why does MicroBase Pro crash when I try to Read or Process Raw Data?

If you have a corrupted Raw Data file saved in your Rawdata folder, MicroBase Pro may crash when you attempt to read or process that file. When a corrupted raw data file is present, a crash may occur when opening the MV2 Data Manager, the Identify MV2 Data, or when clicking the Save Item button in the Identify MV2 Data dialog.

Common File Problems

Malformed Filename: MicroVib II raw files must adhere to the MS-DOS 8.3 filename convention. This means that an MV2 Raw File must have a filename of eight or less characters, followed by a three character file extension. Additionally, the filename must only contain characters which are alphabetical, numeric or a subset of punctuation characters. Whitespace characters such as spaces and tabs are not permitted.

Incorrect File Length: Empty files (file length zero) or files which have an unexpected file length are not permitted.

Corrupted Files: Files whose data contents have been damaged may also not be processed properly.

In order to correct this problem, you need to go to your Rawdata folder, locate the offending file and delete it.

How can I Locate my Rawdata Folder?

For most computers, including all of those equipped with MicroBase Pro v2.1 or later, the rawdata folder should be located here:

  • Windows 32-Bit: c:\program files\dss\microbase\rawdata
  • Windows 64-Bit: c:\program files (x86)\dss\microbase\rawdata

For computers equipped with MicroBase Pro v2.0 and WinVista/7/8 the rawdata folder might be found here:

  • Windows 32-Bit: c:\users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\dss\microbase\rawdata
  • Windows 64-Bit: c:\users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\dss\microbase\rawdata


How can I Remove the Corrupted Rawdata File?

  • Using windows explorer, create a temporary folder. Give it a name such as rawdata_old.
  • Move the contents of the rawdata folder to the rawdata_old folder.
  • Restart MicroBase Pro.
  • Beginning with the oldest files, copy files, one at a time, from the rawdata_old folder to the rawdata folder.
  • After each copy, perform the step that crashed MicroBase Pro and see if the crash occurs.
  • When you encounter a new crash, delete the offending file, restart MicroBase Pro and continue the test until all "good" files are cleared.
  How can I Salvage the Raw Data File I Deleted?

If the original raw data file is still saved in your MicroVib II in an uncorrupted form, you can download it to MicroBase Pro and Identify it.


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