Main Rotor Damper Rigging Fixture

The Main Rotor Damper Rigging Fixture P/N 2000 was developed to enable extremely accurate and repeatable main rotor elastomeric damper rigging. Three tool settings support S300, MD530FF/520N/600N, and MD500C/D/E series helicopters.

Dampers are installed in the fixture, rigged to nominal, and safety wired at the correct length and orientation. At the completion of these steps, the damper is removed from the fixture and is ready for installation on the aircraft.

The Damper Rigging Fixture is a significant time saver and eliminates track & balance issues associated with mis-rigged and/or mis-matched dampers, minimizing initial vibration and stick shake.

Damper Rigging Fixture Features

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Saves adjustment time
  • Saves Track & Balance time
  • Manufactured to precise tolerances
  • High repeatability from damper to damper
  • Three settings to accomodate several damper models
  • Made in USA

 Ordering Information

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  • Main Rotor Damper Rigging Fixture P/N 2000.


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