The MicroVibTM II Aircraft Analyzer

The MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer builds upon the features of its predecessor, the MicroVib Aircraft Analyzer and delivers more performance and capability in the aircraft mechanic's hands than ever before.

The MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer is now FAA approved for use with the MORE STC.


MicroVib II FeaturesMicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer

  • Fast, Accurate Dynamic Prop Balancing
  • Helicopter Track and Balance
  • Turbine Engine Vibration Analysis
  • FAA Approved for MORE STC
  • Turbofan Fan Balancing
  • Shaft Balancing
  • Gearbox and Bearing Analysis
  • N per Rev damper tuning
  • Reciprocating Engine Vibration Analysis
  • Post Balancing Move line Checks
  • Cabin Vibration Survey
  • Tachometer Checks
  • Vibration Troubleshooting
  • True Single Person Balancing and Analysis
  • Helicopter Strobe Tracking
  • Helicopter Optical Blade Tracking
  • Built-in Balance Solution Calculator
  • Balance History Record Keeping
  • Compatible with Existing Balance Charts
  • Self-contained, High Capacity Rechargeable Battery
  • Uses Industry Standard Vibration Sensors
  • Small Size for Handheld Use; 4.25" x 8.25" x 1.7"

You Asked For It, Now We've Got It!

The Balance Solution Calculator saves time and engine starts by re-computing balance weights and aircraft response to weight changes with each new run.

After balancing, select either spectrum or waveform analysis and have a look at the characteristic engine vibration signature for a definitive check of engine health.

Save all of the above data types to memory and use the optional printer adapter to print them on any IBM/Epson compatible printer for permanent record keeping.

Download stored data to the MicroBase™ System; post processing software for permanent storage and record keeping on your IBM PC compatible computer.

Need to perform a manufacturer specified vibration check on a turbine engine? Need to keep Balance History records for Q.A. checks or log book entries? With the MicroVib II Aircraft Analyzer you already have the system to do the job.


New Features

  • On Screen Display of Polar Plot Balance Data
  • Large 320x240 High Resolution Display
  • Advanced Task Manager
  • User editable job definitions.
  • Overlay Display of Balance History Data
  • Detailed Balance History Display
  • Balance Vibration Prediction
  • Advanced MicroDisk™ File System
  • Solid State, Non-volatile File and System Data Storage
  • High Performance Menu System
  • Dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • High Capacity Rechargeable NiMH Battery with Fast Charge Capability.

Operational Modes

  • Prop & Rotor Balancing
  • Optical Blade Tracking
  • Strobe Blade Tracking
  • Tach Ratio Scan
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Waveform Analysis
  • Overall Scan
  • True Peak Scan
  • True RMS Scan

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